Blucent Blogger Template

Blucent Blogger Template is elegant and simple template. This template is completed by slide show, so that it can give you special something in your blog performance. Existence of this template is free especially for blogger user. In addition, performance in this template is seen grid posting, so it will give visitor to choose content easily which they search in your blog.

BEST SEO Blogger Template

BEST SEO Blogger Template is free and new template. This template is useful to increase traffic in your blog. Using this template, it will add visitor because loading in your blog is faster than before. Although this template is seen simple with using white color, it is not problem. Because of visitor, it doesn't blog performance, but they search content in your blog.

Clean Green Blogger Template

Clean Green Blogger Template is free and new blogger template. This template is simple and elegant. No many features in this template but it can make you happy if this template can give you special something. Existence of Clean Green can be applied in your blog and modified yourself if you want to add some widgets. This can be done by you easily.

Escarlata Blogger Template

Escarlata is simple blogger template. This template is created to you who like fast loading and simple template. Existece of Escarlata can be used to blogger only, not wordpress. This template can be apply in your blog easily. In addition, this template can be added many advertisements and modified by you if you want to make beautiful in your blog.

Social Eyes Blogger Template

Social Eyes Blogger Template is free template for blogger. This template is agree with your blog if it is used to add advertisement. In this template, it is ready to space blank to advertisement. In addition, you can also perform in slide show about your post. I think this template is simple and elegant. Fast loading also give you profitability, so that your visitor will feel happy if they visit in your blog.